Soft Tissue Treatment

Soft Tissue Treatment – Too Often we neglect the muscle soreness and tightness we accumulate throughout our life. Whether it’s from working out, sitting at a desk, or all of the above, we all have “something” that is giving us an issue. We are very fortunate at CrossFit LWR to have on staff a man who truly loves his craft!
Currently, we have Matt Sullivan on staff.

“My name is Matthew Sullivan, I was born and raised in Zimbabwe.

I trained and competed as a triathlete for a good portion of my life as well as many other sports and activities. As with anything misuse and overuse became an issue and I developed compartment syndrome.

Nothing I did was able to fully address my injury, after a month of trying everything my coach directed me to see an ART (Active Release Technique) provider. In one treatment all of my symptoms disappeared and I was able to run that same day. I quit training and went to school to learn this amazing technique.

I have since developed a love for correct movement and function and treating dysfunction and misuse issues.

My goal as a practitioner is to treat each individual as an individual. I don’t believe in the common “cookie cutter” approach to treatment.

Through a biomechanical analysis and/or other specific ART protocols and diagnostics, I hope to find the specific issue, treat the issue and educate each patient on how to maintain and avoid reoccurrence .

My practice is built by word of mouth due to a great success rate of locating and treating the issues quickly and permanently.”

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