Food Prep Class


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What if we told you that you could prep 12 meals (each meals feeds 4-6 people) to feed your entire family in one hour? Yes you read that right.
We are excited to partner with Southern Steer Butcher for another paleo food prep workshop. The menus are convenient, clean, paleo and gluten-free. Most are Crock Pot Ready!
The workshop is all inclusive and will be $250/person. SPACES ARE LIMITED, 8 PEOPLE PER CLASS. To sign up add this to your cart above
You do not have to be a member to attend.
What to expect:
During the class you will be working hand-on. We provide the gloves, bags, tags, and food. You will have a copy of the menu in front of you as the moderator passes around the ingredients. Each person takes the amount prescribed and passes on to the next person, as the next ingredient comes your way. Once all the ingredients have been put into the bag, and any “extra” fun that you want to have added, you simply zip up the bag, slap the label of what you just made on the bag, then toss into your cooler.
All the meals will be ready to cook as soon as you leave. You could go home and cook all 48 meals that night! Or, you could freeze some, or cook them the day you want to eat them. The beauty of this type of food is that you have already prepped it, someone else did all the chopping, dicing, and measuring for you! You can eat and cook on your own terms.
If you have any questions about how to cook what, or how long to cook it for, you have a class of 6-10 people that can help answer those experienced questions, or you can always email us at CrossFitLWR@gmail.com.