Monday – May 22nd

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Happy Monday!

Events & Announcements:

We will have scaled options available for everyone. Because this time of year will already be very hot, we will do 2 early start times.

Heat 1 at 6am: where you will do your own warmup
Heat 2 at 7:30am:  group warmup.
You are welcome to start after 7:30am but will be on your own.


Push Jerk 5×5 @75% 1RM split
“Tsunami Bar” OH walks
Blue band on either side of bar w/ KB attached

25 Double KB DL (Blue/Red)
50m Farmers Carry
20 KB Front rack Walking Lunges
50m Farmers Carry
15 KB Push Press
50m Farmers Carry
15 KB push press
50m Farmers Carry
20 KB front rack lunges
50m farmers Carry
25 Double KB DL