Monday – June 26th

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Happy Monday! Here are announcements & upcoming events!


This week is the last week to get in some FREE yoga classes!! There are limited spaces so comment on FB or with Alexis to reserve your spot at any of the following class times.

Monday/Wednesday 10:30am (60 min hot series)
Tuesday/Thursday 6:30pm (60 min hot series)
Friday 10:30am YIN YOGA

**Beginning July 5, classes will be $10/class for members or $50/month as an add on to your existing membership! Contact Aaron or Alexis to add yoga to your membership!!

Schedule Changes
Scaps & Abs: No classes on June 29 or July 4th
July 4th: 9am ONLY

CF Games Fundraiser Event
July 15 – 9am
As many of you know, Tessa Marquette has qualified for the CF Games for the 14-15 Girls Division in Madison, WI! It has taken many many hours of work and preparation for her to get to biggest stage in CrossFit.
We will be hosting a fundraiser WOD to raise funds for Tessa to compete at the Games!
It will be a Saturday WOD with an open invitation for anyone (including other local gyms!)
Please join us for an awesome day of CrossFit community!
We are looking for raffle prize donations for the event.
Please reach out to if you or your company has something that we can add to our raffle!

Push Press
4×8 @ 70-75% 1RM PP
Bent over Barbell Row
4×8 (2 sec hold, 2 sec lower) 21×2
Burpee Pull ups
Jumping lunges (ea leg)