Elements Program

Once you have completed the Intro Class you will then start our Elements Program. Our Elements Program consists of teaching, or going over, the basic movements associated with CrosFit. Because we are Personal Trainers first, we spend a little more time on technique and form than most. We have found that this is critical towards success in CrossFit and is often overlooked. Our Elements consists of 6 sessions over 2 weeks. We have had the most success with this method and find that it works best for the masses.

Some people are able to “test out” of our Elements (only with a substantial exercise background and humbled ego) classes and we will treat each case individually. We have also found that some people, especially if they have never exercised before or have severe mobility restrictions, may need more time than 2 weeks before entering our normal classes.

The best part is that our program is FOR EVERYONE! Because the path to fitness for all may be different, we encourage everyone to come in with a humble approach and the notion that nothing is going to happen overnight. Everyone that is in our gym has had their first day, they have been the “newbie”, and have felt uncomfortable. This place wouldn’t be what it is if it weren’t for people such as them and such as yourselves taking the first step.