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Holy cow what a weekend! Words cannot describe how incredibly proud I am of not only Tessa but also big Rob! Both did amazing and represented your community with dignity, pride, and professionalism.

For starters, Rob was quite the head turner this weekend. Perhaps it’s that infectious smile of his, and his pretty hair and amazing glutes. I’m sure that all had something to do with it. But, let me tell you, there are not many 250lb guys that can move their bodies in the gymnastics world as well as Rob and he put that on display. Sure, everyone expects him to throw around weight, but he was doing butterfly pull ups and muscle ups like the little guys. So many people kept coming up to him and commending him on his abilities. His team was in the scaled division and they did a great job all around. He definitely represented well, had a smile on his face the entire weekend, and made us all proud. Great job big guy!

Then, there’s our girl Tess. Not really much more can be said about her! Most of you were watching the live feeds on Facebook all weekend and got an up close and personal take on her performance. What’s so great about Tess (and Rob too honestly) is that what you saw is exactly how they both are; real and genuine. The fun we had on tape exactly what happens in the gym. The hard work she puts in, you saw first hand. This girl fought through so much to get to that podium and she dealt with an entire weekend of emotions, ups and downs, and the craziness that is CrossFit competitions. A one day CrossFit event is stressful enough and difficult in it’s own right, let alone a 3-day event! CrossFit punishes your weaknesses and over 3 days you really can’t hid behind anything, you are going to get exposed. Sure, there are things that she wants to get better at, but man oh man did she fight and leave it all out there this past weekend. I honestly couldn’t be more proud and honestly I sighed a big breath after it was all over as well! When I saw how hard this girl worked and then saw her true grit and determination on Saturday, I knew she had it in the bag, but the work still had to be done and she definitely stepped up to the plate!

If you missed the workouts, you can go back through our Facebook page and find them, re watch them, and relive the moment.

The next step for Tess now is high school weightlifting regionals…TODAY! Wednesday down at Charlotte High School in Punta Gorda. After that is the CrossFit Open, that we will ALL be participating in, starting at the end of February. Then, is she qualifies there, and online qualifier in April, and then if she qualifies there, off to the CrossFit Games in Madison, WI in August.

But for now, she is your 2017 Wodapalooza champion, and this is a VERY high honor and puts her in a very distinct crowd of athletes. The recognition that comes with this far exceeds any local competition and honestly any competition besides the CrossFit Games.

Tessa, I know you hate the attention, but I love you girl and am so freaking proud of you! This will be the last “Tessa” post for a while, and if you want to see Tessa, just keep an eye out in the streets of Lakewood Ranch, she may be running!

For now, congrats on the win, enjoy the off week from CrossFit and kick ass at the weightlifting meet.

Thank you again to all who came out to support and cheer her on. Miami is far drive and the time you all spent to be with her and Rob is greatly appreciated. Thank you to all who gave gifts and wished her well. Thank you to all who watched online and sent us messages throughout the weekend. Your support was greatly appreciated and felt for sure.

Not to be overshadowed is the fact that today is Chris’s birthday. I figured I’d sneak in a little birthday WOD for you guys as well! Yesterday’s post never happened and I apologize for that. We have a fun WOD in store for you guys on Wednesday, so I hope you enjoy.

See you all in the box!


Deadlift (5×3 @85%)
“Chris D B-Day WOD 2017”
3 Rounds
400m Run
9 Deadlift (225/155)
7 Burpees
2 Wall Walks
4 Sit Ups
5 Pull Ups