Wednesday 3/30/2016


Found this gem sifting through old pics on FB the other day!

I know what many of you are going to think when you see this WOD…my response to that, GOOD!

This workout is a Coach Rachael special. She is taking over Wednesdays and you are going to start to see more on an endurance feel on Wednesday workouts. I know that you are probably sore from the week of squats so far, so, either come in and do the workout, or come in and foam roll, stretch, etc. Either way, see all of you at the box tomorrow!


30 minutes

Hold a med ball in the bottom of a squat. Every time you stand up out of the squat, put the med ball down and complete:

200m Run (without ball)
5 Pull Ups

Fitness: Unweighted Squat
Rx: 20/14 & Pull Ups
SE: 30/20 & C2B

score is reps of pull ups.