Wednesday 3/23/2016


sick meme
 I know that a lot of you are sick or have a house full of sick people! For starters, I just want to wish you all well, get better soon, we miss you in the box. All I can say is REST. Rest. Rest. Rest. This is by far the most important, and always under utilized piece of the puzzle to overall health. Don’t feel bad that you’re sleeping, resting, recovering. Your body needs it, and if you deprive yourself of it, your body will literally shut down. So, listen to your body, rest up, and try to drink as much water as possible along the way. Get better everyone, and there are a lot of you, see you all soon!

Sumo Deadlift (5×1 @95%)
Fit: 15min AMRAP
400m Run (or .5 mile bike)
15 Power Snatch (or hang)
10 Shoulder Press (same bar or DBs)
Rx: 15min AMRAP
800m Run
30 Power Snatch (95/63)
SE: 15min AMRAP
800m Run
30 Power Snatch (115/73)
15 Strict HSPU