Wednesday 1/27/2016

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Day 7 of the fitness testing series. Done as Rxd, this workout tests both gymnastics skills and metabolic capacity at the same time. If you don’t have either, you won’t excel or get very far in this one the first time! No worries.

The time taken is going to vary for everyone. If you fail before 10min, we will have you lower the reps and continue to 10min at a minimum for the test.

Scaled Elite: The HSPU are allowed to be kipping. The goal should be to be able to make it past 10 rounds. That means that you will need to be able to do all the movements unbroken, at least in the first half of your workout. As soon as you start breaking it up, it will take seconds off the rest you could be getting at the end of your minute!

Rxd: We decided to make the HSPU scale to a simple Barbell Press to keep the standard consistent across the board. The same goal applies for doing all the movements unbroken. That is going to be the best way to attack the workout if you want to make it past the 10/15min mark.

There is going to be some grey area here for folks who don’t have toes to bar but the weight is no problem. Like the other benchmark workouts, we suggest either attempting to do the scale below and getting a great score, or not worrying about getting a score for this benchmark and scale the toes to bar to something like a lying legs to pole so you still get a good workout in.

Fitness: The difference here is that the toes to bar are scaled to situps, the weight is slightly lower and the reps are set a little differently. If you are one of those people on the cusp of toes to bar, this version might be quite easy for you and you may find yourself getting into 15 + rounds.

On the other end of the scale, 18 reps is still a lot to get done in a minute, so new people might have trouble getting past 5min. Have them attempt it, then if they end up not being able to get that far, as mentioned above, take some reps off and continue on until at least 10min.


Fitness: “FMS”
EMOM as long as possible
6 Push Press (45/33)
6 Sit Ups
6 Thrusters

Rx: “FMS”
EMOM as long as possible
5 Push Press (75/53)
6 Toes to Bar
7 Thrusters

Scaled Elite: “FMS”
EMOM as long as possible
6 Toes to Bar
7 Thrusters

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