Wednesday 12/23/2015

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Our Schedule For the rest of the week:

12/23 Wednesday – Normal classes
12/24 Thursday – 6am/7am/9am ONLY (No other specialty classes, kids, teens, Endurance, Metcon)
12/25 Friday – CLOSED – Merry Christmas to you!!
12/26 Saturday – CLOSED – Merry Christmas to us!

Our Schedule for next week:

12/28 Monday – Normal
12/29 Tuesday – Normal
12/30 Wednesday – Normal
12/31 Thursday – 6am/7am/9am ONLY
1/1 Friday – CLOSED – Happy New Year!
1/2 Saturday – Normal (8am/9am/10-12pm Open Gym & Comp Class)


A. Deadlift (3×18 @42%)
B. L-Sit (3x Max L-Sit for time)
Fitness: 4 Rounds
250m Row
7 Hang Power Snatch
:15 L-Sit
Rx: 4 Rounds
250m Row
7 Hang Power Snatch (95/63)
:30 L-Sit
Scaled Elite: 4 Rounds
250m Row
7 Hang Power Snatch (135/95)
1:00 L-Sit
SWOD – Perform the deadlift set, then immediately go into a max L-sit for time. L-sits will be performed from a hang position. If you are unable to do that, we will have you hold yourself up on two boxes in a locked out arm position, but pushing, instead of pulling. Regardless of skill, once you fail, note your time, rest :90, then go into your next set of deadlifts. Do this for all three sets.
WOD – The L-sit time will determine which division of the workout you are able to do:
0-:15 – Fitness
:15-:45 – Rx
:45+ – Scaled Elite
During the WOD, the L-sit will be an accumulation of the prescribed amount before moving on. IE. if you are doing it Rx, you can hold for :15, drop, then back up for :15 more to finish the time off. How long you rest is completely up to you.

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