Wednesday 12/16/2015

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SWOD: Deadlift (5×5 @75%)
Fitness: 5 Rounds
4 Power Cleans
200m Run
8 Dips
Rx: 4 Rounds
4 Power Cleans (155/103)
400m Run
8 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
Scaled Elite: 3 Rounds
4 Power Cleans (225/155)
600m Run
8 Muscle Ups

Fitness: Pick a weight for the cleans that is challenging, but doable! Sub the dips to box dips, bands, or dip stations.

Rx: Try to do the cleans unbroken or touch-and-go. You can do muscle ups only if you can get through all the work, otherwise do chest to bar pull ups and keep working on those muscle ups!

Scaled Elite: No subs, do the work!

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