Wednesday 1/20/2016

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So many people in the long distance community are training incorrectly. Yeah, I said it!! Just like 10 years ago when I said that people in the gym were training incorrectly. Just like then, we have the solution. Don’t wait 10 years to find out you’ve been doing it incorrectly.

Folks, the key to training for a long run is not just running day in and day out. I understand that is currently the mentality but I’m here to challenge that and I’m here to tell you that our coach, Rachael Colacino, knows her stuff and our CrossFit Endurance program, THE ONLY ONE AROUND, is going to help train you for whatever you need; 5k, half, marathon, or you just want running not to suck!!

Hit us up. 941-907-0005 or email us at now to sign up for a free class.

We offer classes, private training/coaching on running form, we offer race-day guidance, video analysis.

Don’t be the one left in the dark because you continue to run mile after mile after mile. But then again, what do I know?…

Day 5 of the Fitness Testing series. A brutal single modality monostructural workout that tests cardiovascular endurance and stamina. Over short distances, the rower rewards power output (bigger people), but over a longer workout (for CrossFitters) it starts to reward skill more. Make sure you understand this and pay attention to how you are pulling each stroke.

Don’t let the fact that this is the workout deter you from coming in today. This test is important and if you think you don’t want to come in, then that should be the indicator you need to get your butt in the box!! See you all there.


For time,

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