Wednesday 11/25/2015

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Happy Birthday Dianna!

Today Dianna has requested a special birthday workout. She recently got double unders and wanted to do some in her workout, but didn’t want there to be too many. She also wanted to do a partner workout with some of her favorite partner movements in it!

You will partner up with someone who is about the same strength and height as you.

Keep the weight tough but doable for the deadlift. The goal is to work together, not set a world record.

Rx: Dianna’s 2015 Birthday WOD
25min AMRAP

1000m Row (100m at a time)
25 Partner Deadlifts (lift bar together)
25 KB Swings (each person)
25 Partner Sit Ups (link arms together)
25 Double Unders (each person must do at least 1)

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