Tuesday 3/21/2017


Tessa is still top 10…in the world!!
Don’t forget to come out this Friday night to not only do the final installment of this year’s open, but to cheer on our girl Tessa as she finishes up the 5th and final workout. Friday night classes work like this right now…
We are running 4 heats (subject to change depending on the workout)
Heat 1 – 5:00pm
Heat 2 – 5:20pm
Heat 3 – 5:40pm
Heat 4 – 6:00pm
The gym will open at 4:30 and you are welcome to arrive any time thereafter and pick which heat you want to go in. Tessa will be competing in the final heat at 6pm so you can plan accordingly to come show her support. We encourage you all to come out, bring your family, beverages, snacks, etc. and let’s have a great time this Friday night. If you have any questions you can always text us or call us at the box (941) 907-0005

A1. Back Squat (4×4 (3-sec pause) PAUSE SQUAT
A2. Seated Box Jump (4×8)
A3. Banded Lateral Walk (4×15/way)

For time,

Cal Row
Wall Ball (20/14)
KB Swings (70/53)