Tuesday 2/9/2016

AaronCrossFit, Workout of the Day


It’s that time of year again. The CrossFit Open. For some of you this will be your fifth year, for some of you this will be your first, but for all of us this is a great time of year.

The CrossFit open is the online qualifier that starts the process to figure out who goes on to regionals and then onto the CrossFit Games

The majority of the people participating in the open won’t be going anywhere! We’re the 99%ers! It’s just fun to see where you stack up against the whole world is five-week online competition, as well as test your fitness, skills, and see where you’re at against yourself.

There are two divisions skills and RX.

To sign up, you have to go to the CrossFit Games website and sign up, or click below:

2016 CrossFit Open Registration


Each week of the open CrossFit director Dave Castro will announce the workout live on Thursday night at the different location and generally another CrossFit gym. We will then do the work out on Friday every week of the open. We are encouraging everyone to come out at 5:30 at night if you can. We usually have a little bit more fun and we throwdown with as much many people in the community as we can and enjoy some time together.

The second week of the open, March 4, we have invited other gyms from around the area to come by that night. We will officially kick off at 5:30pm and will go until we need to until everyone is finished! More details to follow.

As far as training goes we’ve been preparing you for this and you didn’t even realize it! We’ve been doing a lot of the high-volume lightweight stuff along with the moderate skill gymnastics movements. We’ve been prepping for it all along!

Deadlift (5×5 @77%)
Fitness: 3 Rounds
200m Run w/MB
20 Sit Ups
200m Run w/KB
20 Sit Ups
Rx: 3 Rounds
200m Run w/MB
20 Sit Ups w/MB
200m Run w/KB
20 Sit Ups w/KB