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A lot of you have noticed, and some of you have even asked about the class that Coach Aaron has been teaching on Monday and Wednesday nights from 5:30-7:30pm. Well, what is it?? Who can do it? How much does it cost, etc???

We started a “Competition” program in the gym back in August. This group consisted of individuals who wanted to focus more on learning a little more about lifting, CrossFit, and just wanted more overall “work.” This class isn’t necessary for those who wish to compete, but it is for those that want to put in more work, who can put in more work, and those looking to get “better” at a quicker rate.

The class is open to ANYONE in the gym that wishes to participate. This class meets on Mondays & Wednesday at 5:30pm and Saturdays at 10am. All three of these COACHED classes are 2 hours long! Yes, 6 total hours of coaching per week! You will also be required to do your own workouts on Tuesday and Friday. They are still 2 hour work-days but will be uncoached.


As you can see, 10 hours of training is not something that everyone can or even should be doing. If you are serious about wanting to sign up for this group please let Aaron know. You can start with this class AT ANY TIME!! You will be billed an ADDITIONAL $75/month on top of your current CrossFit membership plan and can opt out at any time.

Again, if you are interested, or even want to try one of these classes out, please notify Coach Aaron (crossfitlwr@gmail.com).

SWOD: Split Squat (3-3-3-3-3)
Fitness/Rx/Beyond Rx: 5 Rounds
12 DB Walking Lunges
12 Air Squats

SWOD: Perform the split squats with the barbell in a back rack position and take a big lunge (like a regular lunge) until your back knee has grazed the ground.

For every set you perform 3 reps on each leg.

Aim to go heavy across all 5 sets. For people newer at the movement, start out a little bit more conservative and then add weight each set.

2min rest between each set.

WOD: The dumbbells need to be carried on the shoulders in a front squat rack position for all the lunges.

Beyond Rxd and Rxd: For the WOD, take your heaviest set of Split Squat, half it and that is your total dumbbell weight for the walking lunges. You will need to half that again for each dumbbell. For example; if I lifted 190lbs for my split squat, my weight for the lunges would be 80lbs, so I would use a set of 40lb dumbbells. Don’t worry if you don’t have the exact dumbbells, round up or down to the nearest lbs.

Fitness: Use a load that you can perform all 12 walking lunges with each round. For some people this may mean no load at all.

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