Tuesday 1/26/2016

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Row Marathon

 What: On Saturday, May 14th, 14 of us will be embarking upon the rower journey of a lifetime! We’re rowing a marathon. Yeah, 42,195m on the rower…Okay, now that you have digested that, here’s what we have:
When: Saturday May 14th. 10am-12pm. The rowers will be getting started early, with the row taking 3-4 hours. We are asking spectators to arrive 10-12, but you are welcome to come and support all morning!
Why: Why not? So, we challenged everyone who’s rowing to pick a charity of their choice and raise money for that. Start asking around, probe, and perhaps start making silly side bets with people to raise money for their charities. Let’s have fun with this.
The members doing this range in skill level, experience, gender, backgrounds, you name it! But we’re all down to have fun and knock out a really cool milestone and the pin, of course!

For time,
Row (calories)

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