Tuesday 12/22/2015

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CrossFit defines virtuosity as performing a common task uncommonly well.
I like to think of it as the “effortless-ness” there is to something that has been mastered. Watch a major league baseball player throw a ball. There is no thought happening, just a reaction. Look at Michael Phelps in the water, he’s definitely not stopping every so often to think about his next stroke. This proficiency is something to be admired, and it’s also something that needs to be earned. This doesn’t happen overnight, or even in a year.
The type of proficiency that comes with an “effortless” feeling, (most studies I’ve ever seen and personally encountered) generally take around 10 years to acquire. YES, 10,000+ hours is the golden standard for this type of proficiency to happen in the brain.
This means that it could take you 10 years to figure out how to do a snatch, or box jump, or double under?? Yup, that’s exactly what it means.
This is important to remember in our setting, because most of us in the gym are not in the position where we can just “turn it off.” You can’t tune out all the way. I can appreciate you all wanting to take your brain to another place during your workouts, but do me a favor and leave just a little bit, maybe even a little bit more, in a place to keep a mental eye on your form and technique. If you don’t ever think about what you are doing, you are never going to set home a good movement pattern.
I have really been noticing a lot of great form and technique in the gym lately. This is what inspired me to write about this. Seeing all the progress many of you are making reminds me why I’m so hard on you guys in the beginning! I want to make sure that you have a solid foundation so that you can “turn it off” sooner than later. However, you can’t turn it off when you hear, “3,2,1, go!!”
SWOD: Shoulder Press (4×18 @42%)
Fitness: Tabata:
DB Hang Power Cleans
Single Unders
DB Push Press
Single Unders
Rx: Tabata:
DB Power Cleans
Double Unders
DB Push Press
Double Unders


You perform a full tabata set (8 rounds) of each movement before moving to the next one. No rest in between! Each set will take 4min, making it a 16min workout.

The load should get spicy, but you should always be able to keep moving for the 20sec of work time.

Score = total reps. Count each movement and then add them at the end.

Aim to hit the same reps for both double under sets. Also, aim for consistency across the rounds within each movement. Don’t start off guns blazing and then only finish with 1 rep per round towards the end. Move with purpose and set a good pace for yourself that you will find challenging but not impossible to maintain.

Fitness: Use a load that you can keep cleaning/push pressing with for each round.

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