Tuesday 11/17/2015

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Since not everyone seems to be aware, I want to formally announce some of the other programs we have started to offer here at CrossFit Lakewood Ranch;


CrossFit Endurance – Monday/Wednesday at 6am & Tuesday/Thursday @5:30pm
The main focus of this class is to increase your lung capacity, your cardio, whatever you want to call it! Coach Rachael does a phenomenal job in this class in not only helping you learn how to run properly, but she also is able to accommodate those that aren’t able to run, with a “CrossFitter” version of each workout as well.

Metcon Class – Tuesday/Thursday @ 10:30am
This class meets twice a week and is for those interested in getting a workout done without the higher skill movements. Don’t think though, that that means this is an “easy” class. Coach Lee-Ann makes sure that you are still getting a great workout and generally these workouts are longer, 30-45 minutes in duration.

Self-Defense – Tuesday/Thursday @ 6:45pm
This is a class we just added 6 weeks ago. We have brought in Jim Cambell, who has been teaching Ju Jitsu/Self-Defense for over 10 years. This class is by no means a cage-fighting class. This is a controlled environment where the focus is on form, technique, and overall body awareness.

At the current moment, these classes are included in your current monthly membership. We will be restructuring our membership options come the new year to reflect all these new programs. We want you guys to try out all these classes now, bring a friend to one of these classes, etc. We hear you guys, we know you want more and we are doing our best to provide it. However, we won’t start a program until we have a HIGHLY qualified instructor to teach the class. I feel that we have accomplished this with these classes and am looking forward to seeing them grow. As far as membership restructuring goes, don’t worry, it will be fair for everyone and will make a lot more sense to all as these programs continue to grow. More info to come as far as that goes, but for now, get in and try one of these classes out!!

Fitness: 8 Rounds
8 KB Deadlift
8 Air Squats
8 Push Ups

Rx: 8 Rounds
8 Deadlift (bodyweight)
8 Pistols (alternating)

Beyond Rx: 
8 Rounds

8 Deadlift (1.5x bodyweight)
8 Pistols (alternating)
8 Strict HSPU

This workout should take around 10-12min for the top performers doing it all unbroken.

Beyond Rxd and Rxd:
The deadlift load is not intended to be heavy. You should be able to do all 8 unbroken each round. If needed, scale this so that can be achieved. Scale pistols to either box assisted or to a moderately weighted DB lunge (8 on each leg). Scale HSPU reps to 6 or to pike pushups on a box. Make these hard if this is the scale.

Use a moderate load for the KB deadlift, have them ‘grease the groove’ with this movement using the KB. If they are past the new stage, increase the load. Scale pushups to hands elevated on a box or plate rather than going to knees.

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