Tuesday 1/10



I hope everyone had a great Monday! We definitely “eased” into this week a little more than last week. Yes, there are tons of burpees lately, but in a few weeks, when the Open starts, you will thank me! For those not familiar with the CrossFit Open. Let me run it down for you:
Each year for 5 weeks, at the end of February and through March, CrossFit gyms all over the world participate in the CrossFit Open. The Open is literally open to anyone and everyone that wants to sign up. We highly encourage everyone to sign up and participate and each year we have had more and more people participate.
The Open is the first round of the road to the CrossFit Games. And, yes 99.9% of us will not head off onto any of the next rounds, but the Open is a fun time of year and most people set PRs, do moves or lifts they never thought, and always end up having a great time. The way the Open works is simple. Each week, on Thursday night, CrossFit will announce the workout for that week. CrossFittters everywhere will do the workout by Monday and will then log their scores online. The really unique part is that the top 20 athletes from each region will go onto the next stage, regionals. The even cooler part is that the rest of us will be competing again ourselves and will have an entire worldwide leaderboard to have fun with, challenge ourselves, and learn and follow the sport of CrossFit a little more.
We will continue to talk about and promote the Open as it approaches and will definitely want your support with our in-house superstar. Tessa finished last year’s open 13th in the world in her age group and if she does the same this year, she will more than likely be heading to the CrossFit Games. Again, as we get closer we will let you all know, but this should get the fire started!

Shoulder Press (5×5 @75%)
For time,
150 Double Unders
50 Thrusters (45/35)
800m Run