Tuesday 10/27/2015

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Check out this video we made to show you what the power snatch you look like when performed efficiently. For a workout like today’s, you want to ensure that you are moving efficiently and not necessarily super fast. The reps are fairly high, similar to last Friday’s WOD, so you want to make sure you focus on re-setting each rep and don’t rush yourself into a position of getting you hips to high when you reset on the bar. The goal for this workout would be to come in from the run, take a breath or two, then start chipping away at the snatches. Try to avoid the “grip it and rip it” technique that is guaranteed to lead to some back soreness for the rest of the week!

SWOD:¬†Shoulder Press¬†(4×10 @ 60%)
WOD: For time,
3 Rounds
400m Run
15 Power Snatch

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