Tuesday 10/20/2015

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This gym is not, has never been, and never will be about any one person. The crux of what we stand for is helping others out. It’s about leaving your ego at the door, even if that means you look silly, or foolish, or whatever. It’s not about that.

What we are about though, is helping others and looking out for one another. One such individual comes to mind when I think of selfless, hard-working, and dedicated.

Armando Yero.

Many of you have seen Armando around the gym, doing odds and ends. You’ve seen him fire up the grill on the weekends. Perhaps you’ve seen him with a pencil in his mouth and a drill in his hand. Perhaps you only know Armando from classes, or you may not know him at all! I’m here to tell you though, that Armando is a HUGE part of this community and a HUGE part of our team. We could not do a lot of what we do without his help. Armando has had his hand in just about every project you see at the gym. If it’s been moved, Armando probably helped. If it’s been re-hung, chances are Armando did it.

Today is Armando’s birthday and I want nothing more than him to have an awesome day and just know that all the hard work you put into making this gym stand out and the extra mile that you go with me on all these projects is greatly appreciated.

¡Feliz cumpleaños, amigo!


WOD: “Armando 2015 B-Day WOD”
3 Rounds
10 Deadlift
20 Sit Ups
7 Pull Ups
7 Push Ups
38 Double Unders

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