TUESDAY 083016


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TUESDAY 083016

Have you signed up for our Battle of the Classes? Our In House Throwdown IV ~ Battle of the Classes will be September 17, 2016 from 8AM-4PM. We will be hosting our 4th annual in house competition with a special twist this year! Mark your calendars and get ready to have a great day with your community. This is open to all members and is something everyone can do!

There are sign up sheets in the box. The cost is $25 and will include an event shirt. We will also need volunteers to help make this a great event. We will have 2 divisions (Fitness & Rx) and 3 WODs. Every participant’s points will be added up to their class’ points. The class with the most points will be named the winning class!

3 sets of:
Front Rack Lunge x 8-10/leg
Turkish Get Up x 2-3
Plank x 60sec
 Rest 60sec between movements

FIT: 5min AMRAP:
– 7 knees to chest/V-ups
– 7 DB squat cleans
Rx: 5min AMRAP:
– 7 toes to bar
– 7 DB squat cleans (35/25)
SE: 5min AMRAP:
– 7 toes to bar
– 7 DB squat cleans (55/35)