Too Much Sugar!!!



I was speaking with some parents last week about nutrition. Mainly because of the sugar-infested holiday that our country loves to partake in every October 31st. On this day, the amount of sugar that we so freely throw around is honestly mind boggling. However, every other day as well, we are doing the same thing!

I had a parent tell me that she couldn’t figure out why her son was bouncing off the walls constantly. She kept feeding him and feeding him all day long, with no resolution to his hunger and/or his behavior. Some of the things she told me opened up the real problem; we all don’t fully understand how to eat in order to maintain satiety and sustainable energy throughout the day. Don’t worry, that’s what I’m here to help with.

Most kids days look the same. Cereal for breakfast, or a bagel/toast/etc., with a juice box or juice of some sort. Maybe throw in some fruit or fruit snacks. Maybe even a “healthy” bar. The problem with this is the amount of SUGAR in this is far too much.

Try eating more fats, proteins, and less sugar. A meal with meat; chicken, eggs, etc and then a fat: avocado, nuts, olive oils, etc. would honestly fill up your kids better and require less “need” for sugar.

The problem with sugar is that we can’t get enough. Our brain doesn’t understand the “full” signal once we start consuming sugar. Think about it…ever been to a dinner and left one bit of meat on the plate. You tell yourself that you are so full, yet the waitress offers dessert and miraculously you are able to devour an entire piece of cake. Yet, that one bite of meat was too much. That’s the sign to listen to your brain. Protein (meat) is the one food that can tell us if we’re hungry or not. If you could eat an entire row of oreos, but not one bite of chicken, then you are not hungry. If you have to “dress” your food up to eat it, putting on dressings, breadings, “goodies”, etc. you are probably not as hungry as you WANT to be. Listen to your brain! Listen to your body. Don’t over do it, with yourself and with your children.
As always, if you have any questions or want to talk individually about meal planning, education, etc. let us know. Coach Aaron offers a 6-week nutritional accountability program and Coach Alexis offers one as well. If you are interested in finding out about either or working with either coach, please email us at


8min AMRAP

1 Thruster (135/93)
2 Box Jumps (24/20)
2 Thrusters
4 Box Jumps
3 Thrusters
6 Box Jumps

Keep adding 1 thruster and 2 box jumps for the remaining time