Thursday October 13


Today marks a very special occasion for a very special person! For those of you that don’t know Sandy, well, let me tell you a little about Sandy! Sandy started with us in November 2011. Yes, 2011! Upon her arrival, she had already been doing CrossFit on the east coast of the state, prior to her and Rick moving to the Bradenton area. Not only had Sandy already been doing CrossFit, but she had been logging her workouts. See, Sandy has spiral notecard holder that she carries with her to every class, and has done so for every class she’s gone to throughout the years. I’m not sure exactly how many cards on in each deck, a couple hundred, but I’ve had the opportunity to witness her filling out the last page and needing to get a new one!
Along the years, Sandy has accomplished some pretty awesome stuff. She keeps her weight numbers on the flaps of her books so she can easily reference what she’s lifted and lifting. She has seen all her strength numbers go up through the years, yet she has maintained a level of consistency enough not to get hurt along the way! On top of that, and for those that don’t know, Sandy LOVES her some kettlebells! She will swing a KB forever it seems like. To prove this point, she can not only swing EVERY KB in the gym, yes boys, even the 48kg!! But she also has the gym record (though we didn’t really have this record until she did it, so anyone willing to challenge, be my guest!!) for unbroken, 1-arm KB swings…………..with…………300. Yeah. 300 single arm alternating KB swings with a 35# (red) kb. Give that a shot!
So, when Sandy tells me she is about to hit another milestone, I was totally stoked! Tomorrow, Thursday, 10/13/2016 marks Sandy’s 1000th recorded workout! Since we weren’t sure of the exact date, we didn’t schedule a special WOD for tomorrow but we are putting one together so that everyone can enjoy next week!
Sandy generally comes to the noon class and is seen often on the weekends if we have mobility, and her and Rick don’t ever miss a function we put on. These two have been a staple of this community since its inception. Seriously, they used to have sushi with us on Friday nights when we first opened. We would go with the ENTIRE box, all 8 of us!
Sandy, congratulations and great job. Your hard work, dedication, and resilience are an inspiration to us all and to many more that you don’t even realize. Keep it up, here’s to another 1000!!!!


4 Rounds

Every 4 minutes for 16min,

400m Run
15 Thrusters

rest remaining time within 4 minutes