Thursday 3/17/2016


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For those that are not receiving or didn’t know we even had a newsletter mailing group…we have a newsletter email that we send out every week or every other week. Below is the contact form to fill out to sign up for the list. If you are not a member you are still welcome to sign up for the email list! We actually encourage that.
This Friday night at 5pm we will be hosting our Paleo pot-luck bar-b-que at the gym during, and after the 5pm class. Many have asked if we are going to have a 6pm class, and the answer is YES. However, depending on the workout that comes out on Thursday night, it will determine how and when that class will go. Basically everyone that shows up, at 5,6, 5:45, etc. will be able to do the workout. We will make sure that we get everyone through the WOD that wants to do it. If you just want to come and cheer on, eat, drink, etc, that is also totally fine. Bring a chair, something to throw on the grill, and something to drink and we will take care of the rest! See you all Friday!

Fit: For time,
Row (cal)
Power Snatches
Rx: For time,
Row (cal)
Power Snatches(115/73)