Thursday 3/10/2016


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For those that don’t know, we have recently updated our website. One of the (many) new additions to the website is our “Movement Gallery”. You can also click on the video to go to our YouTube channel, which has many more. In this gallery we have most of the common movements you will see come up in class as the strength, skill, or gymnastics for the day, or in the WOD. Some of you will recognize the location and many of you may not recognize the baby faces! Click on the movements below to see the corresponding video for the movements. Please let Aaron know by emailing him at if there’s a movement not in there that you want to see!

RDL (Romanian Deadlift)¬†(3×15)
Metcon (AMRAP РRounds and Reps)

with a partner,

12min AMRAP
KB Swings
after completed round, run 200m
then switch movements.

One person will complete 21 KB swings, then the other will do 21 burpees. Continue in this fashion until the run. Upon completing the run, switch movements.