Thursday 11/19/2015

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Our schedule for Thanksgiving week (next week) is as follows:
Monday – Normal Classes
Tuesday – Normal Classes
Wednesday – No 6:30pm class
Thursday – Closed for the holiday
Friday – 9am ONLY
Saturday – 9am ONLY
Split Squat (5×5)
Bent Over DB Row (5×5)
Beyond Rx:
Overhead Squat (Find your 1RM OHS)
 Overhead Squat (Find your 15RM OHS)

Beyond Rxd and Rxd: Two great benchmark tests. The goal for the 15RM is bodyweight!

Fitness: For those who lack the mobility or are suffering with injury, you are going to work to get stronger with the split squat option. Rack the bar on the back like a regular back squat. Super-set it with bent over DB Rows. One knee on a bench for support. These are both two pretty safe movements to push your boundaries a little on the load if capable.

rest 2min between each super-set.

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