Thursday 11/12/2015

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This weekend is the Iron Curtain competition up in Longwood, at CrossFit Evolution. One of my favorite parts of competing is having everyone there and everyone going through the “suck” together. We have quite a few athletes competing this weekend. We will post the workouts, heat times, and live scoring for you all to follow this weekend.
A. Shoulder Press (x3)
B. Turkish Get Up (x6 (3 each arm))
Fitness: For time,
2k Row
Rx: For time,
2k Row
Beyond Rx: For time,
2k Row
SWOD: This is not for time but move from the shoulder press straight into the turkish get up. Rest 2min between sets.

Spend 2 sets working up to a heavy weight and the last two holding that weight for both movements.

WOD: If needed, scale to 1500m for newer or fitness people.


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