Thursday 10/6/2016


This is Richie. Richie has been a member going on 3 years this December! He has accomplished so much since he’s been with us. He’s lost weight, lost time on his benchmark workouts, he’s put so much more weight on the bar in both his deadlift and back squat. Richie spends time, I mean TIME, on mobility, technique, and overall appreciation of his craft. It’s awesome watching him navigate through the box and it’s been great seeing all his successes! Keep it up man.

Deadlift (3×15 @55%)

18min AMRAP
200m Farmer’s Carry
5 Muscle Ups or 10 Dips
12 Pistols or 25 Squats
25 Toes to Bar or 50 Sit Ups*athletes can mix-n-match movements