Thursday 10/29/2015

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So often people ask us why they don’t have the muscular development they are looking for or what it takes to look “cut.” Though there are a number of factors to take into consideration with this, one concept I can address immediately that would help right away would be the concept of moving with a purpose.
What do I mean? When you pick up an object, a barbell, a db, or do a movement in a workout, are you really thinking about using all the muscles that you can, or are you just doing enough to get the job done? Look, if competing in CrossFit is your goal, then yes, be efficient, move quickly and get the job done. However, if your muscles aren’t getting as “tight” as you’d like, perhaps you should try this;
Next time you do a movement, squeeze ALL your muscles as tight as you can. Squeeze them from the inside out, not the other way around. Meaning, don’t squeeze the hell out of the kettlebell when you grab it, but definitely squeeze your abs, really squeeze your abs tight. Brace down on your stomach like you never have. Also, hold your shoulders back tightly, flinch your butt muscles, lock your legs at the top of the movement and really over-emphasize that as well. I know this seems like a simple concept but at times, I can see a “slack” in a lot of people’s bodies when they are moving. If you want to grow a muscle, you must squeeze it, it’t not going to fire without you doing it yourself! Another way to know if you’re doing this right is to imagine that at any point during a movement someone may come by and try to push you over. Imagine if someone was going to try to push you and knock you down, you would probably brace your body as tight as you can. Do that the next time you press a bar overhead, or get out of the bottom of a burpee. Sure, it may take more energy, but the muscles you use all together and collectively will eventually make these movements seem a lot easier.
If you’re not exactly sure what I mean or if you ever want to sit down and go over this stuff, don’t ever hesitate to ask! We are always here to help. Happy Thursday guys!
SWOD: 2 Clean DL + 2 Hang Power Cleans (8min EMOM)
WOD: For time,
30 Pull Ups
10 Push Press
20 Pull Ups
20 Push Press
10 Pull Ups
30 Push Press

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