Scaps & Abs


Scaps and Abs…What is it? Have you been to a class? For those that don’t know, our very own Coach Doug has been teaching our scaps & abs class now for the past few months. This class focusses primarily on the muscles and groups of muscles needed to perform most upper body gymnastics movements; push ups, pull ups, muscle ups, etc. Having a strong base in these gymnastics movements is essential if you want to develop any higher skill barbell movements; snatch, clean, jerk, thruster, press, etc. This class is grueling!! All of you currently have this class included in your membership!! This class is currently held on Monday and Wednesday mornings at 10:30am and Tuesday and Thursday night at 6pm. Starting the week of 11/7 however, we will be moving the Tuesday and Thursday night to 5:30pm.
As with anything in the gym, if you have any questions about this class or anything at all, please don’t hesitate to email us at, otherwise, see you at Scaps & Abs tomorrow night at 6!!

Push Press (4×6 @76%)
Pull-ups (4×5 Weighted/Band)
Toes to Bar
Push Press (135/93)