Saturday = Community Day


Just a friendly reminder to everyone that Saturday morning classes are community day classes. Ever since we opened we have always promoted and welcomed people to come in for their first class on a Saturday morning. With the type of environment that we have on Saturdays, coupled with the extra time after class, Saturdays are a great day to introduce CrossFit to friends and family. So, invite a friend, drag a friend, or even a co-worker! We are now offering a full free week of classes to people after their first Saturday class. This way, they can still come in for another 3-5 classes, try out Metcon, Scaps & Abs, etc. and get the full picture of what we offer before they start their Elements. This Saturday, 9am, tell a friend, and have them call us at (941) 907-0005 or email at Thanks guys! See you all in the box.

For time
100 Back Squats (115/75)

EMOM 20 Double Unders