SATURDAY 050716: Happy birthday Marjan!


SATURDAY 050716: Happy birthday Marjan!
We should always take note of the people who support us genuinely. Those are the people you want to be around. And one of those people is our Marjan Zaun, and on Saturday we will celebrate her birthday. Marjan not only supports all of CFLWR as we strive to reach our goals but she also inspires all of us to be our best every day through the hard work she puts in. Whether she’s working hard as an athlete in the 6 a.m. class, training her own clients at CFLWR during the day, or performing one of her many workouts of the day while her sons Eddie and Brady participate in our CFLWR Kids program, everyone agrees that Marjan is an inspiration to us all. Happy birthday Marjan!

Metcon (Time)
Happy birthday Marjan!
For time:
46 power cleans
46 DB rows
46 push press
46 situps
46 box jumps
46 kb swings
800m run