Monday – August 7th

Patty YeroCrossFit, Workout of the Day



Happy Monday All!

Thank you for your support of Tessa the last 4 days! We received many messages, texts, support and cheers while she was in Madison! After 4 days and 10 workouts, she finished 7th overall and we couldn’t be more proud of what she has done. CrossFit is all about community and she is lucky to have such an awesome one. PS — Don’t worry you’ll start seeing some of her CrossFit Games workouts showing up in our gym workouts soon so we can all have the Tessa CF Games experience!

EMOM – 4 Rounds Each
1: 10 GHD hip ext
2: 10 V-ups
3: 45 sec HS walk
4: 30 sec Ring Support

7 min AMRAP
7 T2B
7 Ring Dips