Monday – April 24th

Patty YeroCrossFit

Happy Monday! We hope you all had a great weekend!
We have a few save the dates:
May 27th — Memorial Day Weekend Murph
We will have 2 starting times at 6am & 7:30am.
We know it’s early but this is a long workout and it will nice and warm outside.
Sept 16th – 5th Annual In House Competition
This is our annual friendly in house competition with scaled and Rx divisions.
This is something that EVERYONE can do. More details to follow!

Happy Birthday Erica Mulder!
Enjoy your day and birthday workout!
2017 Erica B-Day WOD
4 Rounds
24 Cal Row
24 OHS (@41% of 1rm)
24 TTB
24 Ball Slams