Monday – April 17th

Patty YeroCrossFit


Happy Monday! We hope everyone had a great holiday weekend with their families. Here are our upcoming events & announcements!

SFH Taste & Train – April 17th (Monday)

On Monday during evening classes (4:30pm, 5:30pm & 6:30pm), we will have an SFH Taste & Train event. This is a great opportunity for you to learn & sample the SFH products we have in our retail shop! The combination of a clean diet, exercise, along with clean supplementation (high strength fish oil and high quality protein) leads to long term health. We want you to see for yourself why we carry the SFH product line.

Tessa’s CrossFit Games Qualifier WOD – April 22nd (Saturday)

For those who don’t know, Tessa finished the CF Open 6th in the WORLD for the Teen Girls 14-15. Her next step to reach the CF Games in August is an online qualifier with 4 workouts. On April 20th, CF will announce 4 workouts for all teens in her division to complete. Tessa really enjoyed the community workouts and support so we are going to keep the bar rolling for her! (Pun intended heh)

On Saturday April 22nd, we will have our 8am & 9am classes. We will all be doing one of the same workouts as Tessa. Then around 10:30am Tessa will be doing the workout herself. She would love for everyone to come in and do the workout and cheer her on!

We’ll have a BYO potluck with snacks & drinks! Come help Tessa get to the CrossFit Games!!

1 RM Squat Clean

EMOM x 20 min (4 sets)
1. HS walk (45 sec max distance)
2. GHD sit-ups x 15 reps
3. Ring support hold (L-sit) x 30 sec
4. V-up (single/single/double) x 10
5. Max Strict Pull-ups (45 sec)