Monday 4/4/2016



 This video pretty much sums up what we do here! Oh, and this was only the last 2 weeks. You’re welcome with the classical music as well. I love how motivating, uplifting, and inspiring this video truly is. Also, Josh you need to lock your arms out on your push ups! Let’s have a great week. See you all in the gym

Press (4×11 @56%)
Fitness: Death by,
(hang) Squat Cleans
Rx: Death by,
Squat Cleansa. (95/63)
b. (135/93)
Scaled Elite: Death by,
Squat Cleansa. (185/113)
b. (225/133)
*You will have two choices of weights to choose from for either category. If you are currently unable to perform those weights, or are still working on technique, perform the fitness version. Here, you can still feel the weight and it will be a good time to work on jumping under the bar!