Monday 4/11/2016




It’s that time of year again. Murph time. Every year since 2009 we have done one of the most iconic workouts in all of CrossFit and this year will be no different. For those that don’t know, Murph is:

1 mile Run
100 Pull Ups
200 Push Ups
300 Air Squat
1 mile Run

Rx with 20# body armor.

Though this prescribed version is extremely daunting and difficult, I want to encourage you  all to come out and participate, as we will have NUMEROUS scaled versions for you to do. Each year so many people come out and push themselves farther than they thought they could!

Don’t worry though, we are and have been training you for this workout! So, when is it?

Saturday, May 28th at 8am

We will have a bar-b-que afterwards and this will be the kick-off to everyone’s Memorial Day weekend.

We will continue to promote this workout and help you train for it during classes and are able to answer any of your questions that you may have! Let us know if you have any!! And if your question is, “can I do this? I just started.” The answer, is YES!! Please please please come out for this great event.

For those that want more of the back-story of Murph and want to sign up through the Murph Foundation and get some cool swag, click this link…

The Murph Challenge


Fit: For time,
1000m Row
100 Single/Double Unders
1000m Run
Rx: For time,
2000m Row
200 Double Unders
2000m Run
SE: For time,
3000m Row
300 Double Unders
3000m Run