Monday 2/22/2016


Check out these girls that ran the Disney Half Marathon this weekend! 

Great Job Melissa, Cait & Meghann, and Miriam & Friend!

CrossFit Open starts this week! Are you ready? Yes you are! What exactly is the Open?

For the next 5 weeks the CrossFit community from around the world come together as one. The CrossFit Open is the first step to the CrossFit Games for the top-level athletes, and it’s also a way for everyone to see where they are at, against themselves, others, relatives, friends, you name it. To me, it’s the ultimate, “leave your ego at the door.” I can attest to that from first-hand experience! The Open humbles me each and every year.

Starting this Thursday night at 8pm, the Open begins. The workout will be announced live on and then we will be doing the workout all day on Friday. Regardless if you are signed up for the Open or not, we will be doing that workout on Friday. You don’t have to be signed up and the WOD will still be a fun workout, but I can assure you, that once you do one of these workouts, you’re going to want to sign up! Just to challenge yourself.

So, if you need to sign up for the Open still, please click the link,

Link to sign up for the CrossFit Open


Shoulder Press (4×9 @ 66%)
 Pull-ups (4×9)
Fit: 8min AMRAP
Push Press
Rx: 8min AMRAP
Deadlift (115/73)
Push Press
SE: 8min AMRAP
Deadlift (135/93)
Push Press