Monday 1/4/2016

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I hope everyone had a great New Years weekend and ready to get this year started off right! We are back to our regular schedule and look forward to seeing everyone back in the gym. Please feel free to share your goals with us whether  and let us help you get there!
In order to help you all achieve your goals as we start this new year, don’t forget about ALL the programs that we offer here at CrossFit Lakewood Ranch. Click here to read a description of each:
 Ring Dips (3×3 – WTD or Negatives)
Fitness: For time,
35/25 cal row
5 rounds
10 box dips
10 good mornings
Rx: For time,
40/30 cal row
5 rounds
10 Ring Dips
15 Hip Extensions
Scaled Elite: For time,
50/40 cal row
5 rounds
10 Ring Dips
20 Hip Extentions


Beyond Rxd and Rxd: The ring dips should be easy enough so that you only have to break them into two sets per round, at the most three. If needed, scale to bands, but try avoid really thick bands since these can change the stimulus of the ring dip and can make it hard to get full lock out at the top of the dip.

Fitness: Keep to a standard that makes sure the dips are difficult enough throughout the workout. Scaled dips can be an easy movement to get “lax” on. Don’t let that happen!

For the good mornings, do them unloaded or add a light plate for increased difficulty.

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