Monday 1/18/2016

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To say that I’m very proud of these two girls would be a complete understatement. I am proud of the for how hard they fought through adversity all weekend. I’m proud of how they left it all on the line in each and every workout. They had to deal with scheduling conflicts, inclement weather, and hoards of distractions that come with being on “the big stage.”
However, with all this going on, these two managed to not only hold their own, but they even took a top 3 finish in their final workout of the event against mostly girls that were 1-2 years older than them. And, at their age, this is HUGE. They competed against the girl who took 3rd in last year’s CrossFit games, and represented themselves and our box wonderfully!
Thank you girls for allowing myself and Coach Rachael to partake in this event with you. I know that things didn’t go as planned all weekend; it was definitely crazy, but I couldn’t be more proud of you two.
I am so proud to call you both athletes of ours and am even more proud that you went out there, gave it your all, had fun, and left with a great experience.
The girls will be in the box tomorrow for anyone that wants to come in and see them, talk to them, and maybe even get an autograph! You should all be proud to workout in the same gym with these two amazing and inspiring girls. I know I am!
Thank you again for such an amazing opportunity and even more so for memories that I will cherish and take with me for the rest of my life.
I am so excited to see what the future has in store for you both in this sport. If this weekend was any indication, the rest of the girls out there need to watch out! Now, for a rest day, then on to some lactate training!!

Snatch (1 rep max)
“B-Day WOD Chris Dixon”
3 Rounds
400m Run
9 Deadlift (50% 1rm)
7 Burpees
2 Strict Pull Ups
4 Sit Ups
4 Push Ups

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