Monday 11/30/2015

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I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. We are back to the normal schedule this week and will be until the next holiday at the end of December.

SWOD coming back! In light of some feedback we have received from members we added back in the SWOD portion of the workout. It never really went any where, we just wanted to try something new for the last two weeks. However, you will notice we are adding the SWOD back in before the workouts, to give us the time to work with you guys not only on strength but with skills as well. Thank you to all who provided feedback!

Saturday Schedule change This coming Saturday, we are changing our schedule. We will NO LONGER have a 7am class. We will instead move the class to 8am. So, our Saturday schedule will look like this:

8am – CrossFit class
9am – CrossFit class
10-12pm – Open Gym/Comp Class

SWOD: Shoulder Press (3×21 @37%)
Fitness: 3 Rounds
400m Run/200m walk
200m Run/200m walk
100m Run/200m walk

rest 2 minutes

Rx & Beyond Rx: 3 Rounds
400m Run/200m Jog
200m Run/200m Jog
100m Run/200m Jog

rest 2 minutes

Record times for the 400m/200m and 100m for each round. Aim to be as consistent with pace as possible. You will feel really fresh for the first round, so don’t go too hard during this time. This is a great workout to figure out pacing when you are fresh vs fatigued.

Fitness: Scale the rounds to 2, or walk instead of jog for the recovery piece.

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