Monday 11/28 – NO Scaps & Abs all week


I hope everyone had a great weekend. Use today as a tool to “get back into it.” This is a great Monday to get you ball rolling again. Remember, that doesn’t mean you need to come back expecting to crush yourself and feel amazing tomorrow. It doesn’t work that way. Enjoy the process, enjoy the work it takes to get into the shape you want and get you the health you deserve. If you had fun this past weekend, awesome! You have to live your life. Now, let’s at least have 4 solid weeks before the next holiday.
Also, as a reminder, there will not be any Scaps & Abs classes this week. Coach Doug is enjoying some time away and his class will not be offered again this week with him out. We will pick it back up next week. There WILL be a Mobility class this weekend, on Saturday at 10:15. He will be back for that class.

5 Rounds
6 Bear Complex (75/43) (See below)
25 Wall Balls (20/14)
100m Run