Monday 1/11/2016

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Our girls Jen and Tessa heading down to Miami this weekend to compete in Wodapalooza! This is a highly publicized and big name event, we are truly honored to have these girls going on behalf of CrossFit LWR.

We are going down there with a strong contingency but can always use more screaming fans if available. Due to all of us leaving, we will be CLOSING THE BOX on Friday night.
There will be no 4:30 or 5:30pm classes this Friday as all the coaches will be with our athletes in Miami!
The competition will be streamed live and once we find out the girls’ heat times, we will pass that information along to you guys, as well as the links to watch them compete live, if available.

These girls have worked so hard for this and we couldn’t be more proud!

As for the rest of you, we will begin testing this week. Now, most freak out when they hear the word “test.” Don’t, it’s not a pass or fail. It’s a reality check, for sure, but it’s also the only way we can gauge progress, so don’t be afraid of that. Unless you don’t want to progress that is!

In CrossFit we have 3 modalities that we train through:

M – Monostructural metabolic conditioning or “cardio”
G – Gymnastics, bodyweight exercise
W – Weightlifting, powerlifting and Olympic lifts

We are going to test all three of these individually through the following movements:

M – 5k row & 1 mile run
G – Max Pull ups & Push Ups
W – Back Squat & Clean & Jerk

Yes, there are a ton of movements we could have tested in these three modalities, however, these 6 movements will a good idea where everyone is at.

On top of this testing, we will also test out work capacity. Remember, CrossFit, by definition, is “increased work capacity through broad time and modal domains.” Meaning, now we take these three modalities from above, randomize them as best we can, and then test. Hopefully, we have increased your ability to do work. If so, we have made you a better athlete. Simple!

There are six workouts that we will use to do this. Do your best to make all the workouts, and if you miss a day, we will have a make up at the end of the month.

The first session of the Fitness Testing series is Monday!

The pullup is one of the most commonly used gymnastics movements we use in CrossFit. It is also a great test of pulling strength and power, making it a great single modality test tool to use when collecting data on our fitness levels.

‘The Jerk Snatcher’ is the first Benchmark workout. Cycling a barbell at a moderate load for a short duration is a simple test in stamina, strength, speed and coordination to name a few. Seeing improvements here over time will be a direct correlation to your overall fitness and area under the power curve.


Max Pull Ups or attempts


Fitness: “The Jerk Snatcher”
For time
20 Clean & Jerk (65/43)
20 Snatch

 Rx: “The Jerk Snatcher”
For time
20 Clean & Jerk (135/93)
20 Snatch

Each test we do over the next 3 weeks will have a level associated with your performance. Please look below at the standards. These sheets will be posted in the gym for you to reference as well.

Pull Up

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6
Green Band Strict Kipping Kipping Kipping Chest 2 Bar
>3 >1 >10/5 >15/10 >30/20 >30/20

“The Jerk Snatcher”

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6
Fitness Fitness Fitness Rx Rx Rx
<10min <5min <2:45/3:20 <2:45/3:20 <2:15/2:40 <2:00/2:30


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