CrossFit Lakewood Ranch Update



Dear Community,

Due to recent events, the gym, and its team, will be undergoing a few changes. This will include staff, location(s), and re-openings to be announced at a later date.

Classes will continue as usual for CrossFit Lakewood Ranch at the Paylor Lane facility for the near future. Class times and days will remain the same so we hope to see you all!

Some of the team may be relocating shortly and I invite all current members to join them. In the meantime, Tessa and Aaron will be continuing and pursuing her fitness goals and you are all invited to follow them as well. Avenues to do so, as well as future whereabouts will be announced shortly.

In addition, Alexis has moved into a new location, one half-mile up the road on International Place. She would like to extend her open doors to our members and I encourage you to go check out her operation.

She is located at:

Drive Fitness

7345 International Place
Unit 103
Sarasota FL 34240
United States

As always, we are here to encourage, support, and continue with our members on their fitness journeys. Everyone is welcome to connect with us at any of these locations.

We are very excited for the new opportunities that have been presented to our staff and members. I will keep you all posted and will let you know more details as they become available. Until then, please continue to enjoy CrossFit Lakewood Ranch and all it has to offer.

Very respectfully,

Aaron Weedo
Onwer, CrossFit Lakewood Ranch
Leave your ego at the door and your sweat on the floor.”