Monday 10/19/2015

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CFLWR kids program flyer

We are pleased to announce the creation of our CFLWR Youth Running program. Headed by Coach Rachael, this program is open to kids and teens of all ages. Our mission is to foster the development of youth through participation in running and endurance to develop athletic strength, sportsmanship, and a passion for lifelong fitness. In addition to games and races, participants will learn proper running technique, a lifelong skill that will not only instill a love for running, but also will prevent injuries now and later in life. Classes start Nov. 6 and will be offered throughout November, December and January. This program is available on an individual class basis or as a package program. For more information, see Coach Rachael.

Warm-up: Coach Rachael’s running drills
SWOD: Front Squat (5×12 @50%)
WOD: For time
500m Row
400m Run (or .5mile bike)
1000m Row
800m Run (or 1.0mile bike)

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