Health and Happiness



Health and Happiness are two of life’s most amazing attributes and even though they are both desired (or should be) by all, these two vital pieces of life can at times elude every one of us. I was very fortunate to have a conversation with one of our members today. He pointed out these two key words to me and proceeded to tell me how this is what he looks to get better at each and every day. He told me that if these two are where they need to be, what more do you really need? You could probably accomplish just about anything knowing that the end result would be health and happiness. The problem is, we never know what life is going to throw at us. Health and happiness are great, but they can be challenging to attain, and even more challenging to maintain. So I challenge each and every one of you, myself included, to approach each day with the mindset of getting better. Be it one step, or the entire flight. Take your step towards health and happiness. Do it at your speed, just do it! No one’s running your race except for you. Provide yourself with the tools you need, surround yourself with the people you need, and then do what you need!

Thank you Landon, for sharing this information with me today. It was nice to talk to you and I hope you don’t mind me sharing these two words of advice you gave today! I know they rang true in my ears and I hope they can do the same for the rest of our community and followers!

Happy Tuesday all, now get your butts back in the gym, the holiday is over!!!


Push Press (5×5 @85%)
Power Clean (115/73)
Handstand Push-Ups