Fun Friday!


Today I want to take some time to recognize one real special person to this gym, community, and myself. Her name is Tessa. Tessa, for those that don’t know, is a 14 year old female athlete that works out at our gym, and has for over 14 months now. She came to us wanting to take her CrossFit experience to the next level! She came to us with a very extensive gymnastics background and a work ethic that trumps most adults and athletes I’ve seen! That’s not an exaggeration!! Her quest and journey are to go to the CrossFit Games this coming July 2017. Though we are still a ways away from that, I feel it’s time to give this young lady the praise and credit she deserves for all her hard work up to this point.
Let’s start in January, 2016. In Miami, every January the Wodapalooza Fitness Festival is held. This event, many say, is second to the actual CrossFit Games. There are hoards of Game’s Athletes here and the event brings out the entire CrossFit world. In last year’s event, Tessa finished the 3-day event in her age division in 6th place. She carried this momentum into the CrossFit Open in March. After the 5-week open, Tessa was 13th…IN THE WORLD! This was in the 14-15 age group. The top 10 girls in this group advanced to the Games in July 2016 out in California. So, as you can see, she¬†barely missed out on qualifying for that event.
We have been training really hard lately and she has been putting in time not only in the box, but also at Manatee High School, where she has recently joined the high school weightlifting team. Not only is she lifting more than most of the girls, she’s only a freshman!! During September, Tessa competed in 2017 Wodapalooza’s online qualifier. This qualifier had the top girls in the world, in her age group. As you can see by the picture she finished in 2nd place. I can’t even begin to say how proud I am to have the opportunity to work with this amazing individual, and her future is as bright as the sun!
Heading into the new year, Tessa will be gearing up for not only Wodapalooza and the Games, but also her high school weightlifting season as well.
If you see her in the gym, stop and give her a high five. This girl embodies what this community is all about and her hard work, especially at her age, is out of this world!
Great job Tess, keep up the hard work…39 more weeks!!!

3 Rounds
21 Deadlift
15 Front Squat
9 Push Press(165/115)