Friday 1/29/2016



It’s time to do an Endurance class. Let us help you learn how to run. If you already feel you know how to run, come on out and let our highly trained staff assess you today!

Though our CrossFit Endurance class is doing well during the week and at night, we are having some attendance issues in the mornings! Moving forward, our 6am CrossFit Endurance Class will REQUIRE you to sign in to BOTH Monday & Wednesday class before in Wodify, by 10pm the night before class. If you would like to see CrossFit Endurance at another time, please also let us know!

So, if you wish to attend the Monday morning, 6am CrossFit Endurance class, please sign in no later than 10pm the night before, Sunday.

We MUST have a minimum of 4 people signed up for class otherwise there will not be an Endurance class that morning. So, if at 10:01pm, you see “3 of 12” people signed, up, THERE WILL NOT BE A CLASS.

This only affects the morning classes, and ONLY the Endurance classes. No other classes will require you to sign in ahead of time…yet.

To sign in to a CrossFit Endurance class (through the website & app)

Website –

  • click on “schedule”
  • find the CrossFit Endurance classes (6am, in BLUE)
  • click the calendar icon to the right!


  • top right dropdown, click “class schedule”
  • sort the program by “CrossFit Endurance”
  • Arrow to the right until you find the date of the next 6am class.
  • Click “reserve”

Thank you guys for your help with this.


1 rep max Clean & Jerk


For time,
1 mile run